Translations in Plovdiv from and to Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian and English

Translations in Plovdiv from and to Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian and English. Translation and copywriting services in Plovdiv at great prices. Translation agency FLEK provides professional services in the area of written and verbal translations. We specialize in the translations from/to Czech and Slovak languages. Also, we can offer translations in all other languages. Our main priorities are the requirements of the client and their vision for the translated text, for who or what the translation is about, the purpose for which it will serve. We offer translation services in all areas – both professional and personal. This is why the confidentiality of the information we work with is our main priority as well.

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Translation from and to Czech

Превод от и на Чешки

Translation from and to Slovak

Превод от и на Словашки

Translation from and Hungarian

Превод от и на Унгарски

Translation from and to Romanian

Превод от и на Румънски

Translation from and to English

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Translations in Plovdiv at affordable prices from and to Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian and English.

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Copywriting services in Plovdiv at super prices. Create authoring content for your business goals.

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With us you will get an individual approach and a right attitude and you will meet a reliable assistant in successfully achieving your goals.

  • You can submit a question or order for the translation you need (written and/or verbal) through our contact form and we will reply to you with an offer. The unique approach to every customer is our priority. With every new question you can receive a free calculation and consultation regarding your order. When ordering verbal (live) translations it is best to submit such requests as soon as possible so that we can be of most use to you.

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Time scales and prices

The time scales and prices always depend on the specific circumstances, the size of the translation and requirements of the customer. The standard with written text is to measure the size on the basis of a typewriter page which is 1800 symbols including the intervals or 1500 without the intervals. In other cases, also in accordance with international standards, a price per word can be arranged. Orders with six standard translation pages per day are charged as an express order. The translated text can be sent to the customer in a virtual format according to what has been agreed upon. It can also be sent on paper. All translations are verified by authorized translators.